Biomimetic Dentistry

Tooth care that mimics the way the body naturally works!

Biomimetic dentistry is a combination of techniques and methods that take advantage of the latest technological innovations (bacteria sensing lasers, trans-illumination, caries indication dyes, surgical magnification optics, etc.) to best preserve the natural tooth structure. Most importantly, biomimetic dentists take more time and have extra training to carefully preserve your teeth!

The term "biomimetic" means "to mimic the body," therefore, "biomimetic dentistry" is tooth care that mimics the way the body naturally works! Just like science has created artificial legs that are "biomimetic," in that they mimic the movement of an actual human leg, biomimetic dentistry uses science to fix teeth in a way that is consistent with the natural tooth at the same time utilizing conservative techniques.

biomimetic dentistry vs traditional dentistry
Ribbond – An Integral Part of Biomimetic Restorations

Traditional cavity treatment is to "drill, fill and bill". This means that the rotten tooth structure is drilled out and the cavity is filled with a tooth colored composite resin filling. It is a quick and easy fix for the average dentist but not one that always lasts long-term and frequently fails over time. Tooth colored composite fillings shrink and can separate from the tooth. Bacteria leaks in this separated space which over time leads to bigger cavities under the filling. This will require additional treatment such as more removal of tooth structure and a new larger filling, or expensive crowns and even eventual tooth loss.

Dr. Robertson is trained in biomimetic dental techniques that restore compromised teeth to mimic the natural biologic behavior of healthy teeth. Dr. Robertson laminates biocompatible high-strength woven fibers (Ribbond) against the floor and walls of the cavity to create “strain harmony” between the tooth and the restoration. The fibers minimize shrinkage which reduces the risk of subsequent bacteria growth. This maximizes the longevity of the biomimetic filling. The same kind of fibers are used to make bullet proof vests very tough and shock absorbent. These fibers also strengthen fragile and crack-compromised teeth.

Although this technique might take a little more time to do and might cost a little more than the traditional "drill, fill, and bill" technique, it significantly reduces the risk of long term failure of the restoration. This technique helps Dr. Robertson do it once and do it right the first time. In the long run this saves the patient time and money and, most importantly, it maximizes the longevity of the tooth.

Ribbond technique

In summary, laminating Ribbond fibers against the surfaces of the cavity has the following benefits:

  • Reduces shrinkage and reduces harmful bacteria growth
  • Reduces the chances for crowns and eventual tooth loss
  • Creates "strain harmony" for the restored tooth
  • Strengthens fragile and crack-compromised teeth

For more information please visit the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry.

Fixed leaky amalgam filling
The $6,000 Traditional Filling!

Did you know that traditional dentistry is not a solution. Actually, it's more like a cover up!

Traditional Dentistry works with the presumption that everything they do will have to be redone at some point in the future because rarely is all future decay stopped when you get a filling.

An industry fact: dentists don't typically make their money on your first filling. They make their money on future fillings, crowns, and root canals that will soon happen because of that first filling failing.

Here at Natural Life Dentistry, Dr. Robertson strives to stop the dental cycle once and for all. Using biomimetic techniques and ozone therapy, he is able to eradicate and remove most if not all decay, while preserving healthy tooth structure, seal the tooth to prevent future decay, and place biocompatible, low shrinkage, high-strength, durable composite restorations in hopes of never having to work on that tooth again!

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